1968 / Textile artist MA – 1ha studio / Art teacher MA – University of Turku.



I work with reverence but strive to questioning things. As an artist and teacher I try to reach and touch with my work. I am curious to know how meaning is, how my message is interpreted, and about the experience of interaction and responsibility for those viewing and using my work.  

My painted art textiles are stories. Horizontal stripes are landscapes of my neighborhood and the layers of the colors are traces in the social and emotional environment. The process of painting is conversation. It’s working in dialog with nature, people and other animals.

‘ It’s like hearing the voice of the freezing lake in winter time, feeling the wind in the corners of the old house, listening to the fire in the stove and being aware of the sound of the darkness in the forest.’ 

The story in my pieces can be found in between the hand painted stripes; design in daily use and art in everyday life.